At Goatshead Ranch we proudly present the four B’s – BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL BOERS!
Once there was “Old MacDonald”, now there is “Old Eubanks Ranch.”  Old Eubanks had a ranch and on this ranch was a Boer goat, here a Boer, there a Boer, everywhere a Boer.  Some red ones and white ones, some black or even spotted, everywhere a Boer. You can find goats of all colors! Every where you look there are goats, goats, and more goats. 

Our goal at Goatshead Ranch is to raise and market quality Boer and Boer crosses at a pace we that can enjoy our stock and not be too demanding. We are confident that our stock has good performance and is pretty to the eyes. We have fullbloods, percentages and purebreds, as well as some unregistered Boer and Boer crosses. We at Goatshead Ranch are proud to have all naturally raised animals. They make great companions, pets, weed eaters, meat and milk. We raise replacement does and bucks for breeding and also wethers for meat.

Come see Linda and Richard. We love giving tours and teaching you all about goats.

We have been raising goat for almost 15 years now.  We have worked hard to raise disease free does, bucks and kids.  Last year we sold over 100 head of goats. Our kidding season runs March to May.  We will have over 100 kids this next kid season. So come to the Old Eubanks Ranch, or give us a call.

Goatshead Ranch has sold goat all around Northern California, Nevada and Oregon. We have met goat lovers all along our journey.  We would like to thank all the goat lovers that have come to us for our stock and taken them to their new home. Without them we wouldn’t be raising and selling.
We take a lot of pride in our stock and want others to do so as well.

2017 Update

We at Goatshead Ranch are happy to have purchased some new bloodlines. In the last few months, I have been working with other meat goat breeders to add new girls and a few new bucks.

A big Thank you to these breeders!
MJM Farms, Camphell Meat goats, Autumn Acres farms, Pond De Rosa, Northcutt Livestock.  We are enjoying having your stock on our farm, and looking forward to the new year to see what you stock does for us. Thank you each and every one.

The kid season has come and gone, and we are sold out at this time. This season we had over 80 kids. More singles than last year. Thank you to my buyers.  Many return ones, and many new ones too.

2018 Update

This year we also added a new meat goat breed. It is call Savanna or Savannah!  Also from South Africa, like the boers. A solid white goat with thick skins with short white soft hair. The savanna has excellent reproduction, muscular development, good bones, strong legs, the body resemble those of the boer goat.  The savanna does have good mothering skills & milk production and produces fast growing kids. Best of all is disease resistance and less hoof problems. 

We at Goatshead was happy to add a new savanna buckling and his sister from MJM farms. Also 13 boer & savanna cross does, from Camphell Meat goats.  In July we had our first set of savanna kids on the ground.   We also have add new boer does from MJM and Pond De Rosa. And a new herd sire boer buck from Northcutt livestock.  Also this fall we have added 7 Texmaster girl, out of Kansas and Mo. They too are a double muscular meat goat, with less hoof problems. 

2018 brought new kids, and lots of Boers, and boer & savanna crosses, savanna and a few dairy girl. 112 kids were born this spring. We are looking forward to 2019 kids.

Now it almost time to start the fall breeding, will be breeding around 55 does for the 2019 kids season.

We at Goatshead Ranch are still working hard to raise quality meat goats.  Still standing behind the 4 B's.   BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL BOERS!
Still standing behind what we do and what we sell. 
Trads, paints, red, dapples, and now the savanna and texmaster.

Goatshead Ranch:
Linda & Richard Eubanks
Janesville CA, 96114